Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице


The facility Primary School “Miroslav Antić” in Futog is in good condition. According to the school principal Gordana Hajduković - Jandrić, pupils volunteer for the project of our Secretariat “Energy is all around us”. They even won the award at the International competition in Finland. They have applied for the funds to improve this project at the Call for Proposals of the Provincial Secretary for Education, Regulations,
Administration and National Minorities - National Communities. Their plan is to improve the project “Mini Cabbage Festival”, in which the kindergarten children, pupils and children from the Dormitory in Veternik within the local community organise workshops, exhibitions and shows.

Although the building of the Primary School "Sveti Sava” in Rumenka is old, it is in good condition. The school constantly updates the number of computers in the IT room , primarily through the calls for proposals. The teaching is conducted is the Serbian and Hungarian languages. The school principal Žolt Đilvesi underscored that he is continually trying to stimulate parents to enrol children in the Hungarian class. In future they plan to expand the school in order to gain a new kitchen and dining room and by doing so, they would relocate the workshop and gain 12 additional classrooms.

The principal of the primary school “Veljko Petrović”in Begeč Milan Tatić raised the issue of the lack of professional associates, especially because the school enrols Roma children who require additional work. These children are provided with the transportation from the settlement Bangladeš in cooperation with the City . Since the school needs an extension of two additional classrooms for preparatory, additional and supplementary teaching, therefore they have been advised to apply to the Secretariat’s call of proposals.

Although the building of the Secondary School “Bogdan Šuput” is old, it is in excellent condition. The building is well lit and cosy. The repair of the concrete paths in the school courtyard is necessary. The school secretary Aleksandra Vujasinović underlined that so far they had no problem with the teaching staff in both teaching languages , Serbian and Hungarian. They also mentioned that so far they had excellent cooperation with the National Council as well.

The greatest problem of the primary school “Ivo Andrić” in Budisava is the reduced number of pupils due to the smaller number of children and constant relocation of families to EU countries. The school principal Goran Srdić said that they would like to organise teaching in the Hungarian language and that they are trying to attract new potential pupils in the school. They offer the 1-4 grade pupils organised prolonged stay in the school which is financed with the help of the Hungarian National Council. The school was suggested to launch, in cooperation with them, a greater action of documenting the situation of potential first grade pupils who could attend classes in the Hungarian language.

The discussion at the working meeting with the representatives of the music school “Isidor Bajić” mostly revolved around the construction of a new school which would house not only the primary and secondary music school , but also the primary and secondary ballet school. The new school would also launch new departments such as: Pop music, jazz and modern music.

The Secondary Economic School “Svetozar Miletić” in Novi Sad already organises dual education for acquiring the qualification of a salesperson. The facility itself requires reparation, thus, concerning the current calls for proposals, they were advised to address the Provincial Secretariat for Education Regulations,
Administration and National Minorities - National Communities.

The building of the school for primary education of adults “Sveti Sava” in Novi Sad is orderly regardless the fact that it requires the renovation. The principal Nikola Joković proposes the opening of an educational qualification in the duration of one year or a training for a certain profession for attendants who, after finishing school, wish to continue schooling.

The ballet school in Novi Sad is orderly. The dressing rooms are well maintained. The school principal Sanja Vučurević presented the appearance of the future school and the idea of the joint work with the music school. Based on these data and since the completion of construction of the school is expected for the end of 2019, the Secretariat associate Marijana Divijački introduced the school principal with the upcoming calls for proposals and the possibilities for applying.

In the primary school "Jovan Dučić" in Petrovaradin, due to the lack of space, classes are organized between shifts for students of the first and second grades. In order to avoid teaching between shifts, they say that they would need three additional classrooms. They plan to do the project of extending classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology and geography. They were advised to look at the current calls for proposals of the Secretariat.

Milinka Deman, the principal of the primary school “22. Avgust” in Bukovac underlined that the working ambience in the school was good, the staff cooperated well and that the building was modern. They place great emphasis on the ecology, environmental protection and healthy diet. There is an organic garden in the school courtyard. The festival of healthy food “Vegetable Festival” is held every year and both parents and pupils participate.

The building of the Grammar School “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” is in good condition. The school principal Radivoje P. Stojković, PhD underscored that the Ministry of Education approved the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme which will start to be implemented from September 2018. The teaching will be conducted exclusively in the English language, except the compulsory subject Serbian language. They also plan the student exchange and in this instance the foreign students would stay for the period of one year.

The building of Primary School “Desanka Maksimović” in Futog is in good condition, although the interior walls require painting. According to Mr Slobodan Egelja, the school principal, the working atmosphere among the teaching staff is good and at a high level. The school gym is useless. Given the fact that they have had a project for its reconstruction for several years, including use permits, the school was instructed to look for support in the current calls for proposals invited by the Secretariat.

The first impression of Primary and Secondary School “Milan Petrović” is that it is a modern building, adjusted to the needs of all of its beneficiaries. Due to a large number of students and great conditions they enjoy at this school and dormitory, the school building requires further extension. In addition to being an educational institution, it also provides social support and rehabilitation. The school employees would like this institution to become a resource centre for assistive technologies, in order to provide as many users as possible with an access to particular aid devices.

Primary School “Petefi Sandor” in Novi Sad is one of the largest primary schools in our city having a very good reputation, resulting in a great interest among parents to enroll their children in that school. Another advantage of this school is that it provides bilingual education, as well as education in Serbian and Hungarian language. The problem this school is faced with is the area of school backyard, as it is attended by a large number of students. These students have an opportunity to study the French, Chinese and Greek language, as elective courses.

The building of Primary School “Mihajlo Pupin” in Veternik is nicely arranged and maintained, reflecting the efforts of its employees to keep the building tidy and modern in order to create optimal working conditions. This is the only school in that area without an organised extended stay for first and second grade pupils, but the parents are very interested in the idea. Ms Teodora Mitic, the school principal, emphasised a very good cooperation between the school and parents, local community and the media, adding that it allows them to handle successfully any problems the school may encounter.

Grammar School “Svetozar Marković” in Novi Sad is in great condition, very lit and pleasant to be in. The building is nicely arranged, with a range of amenities intended for students. Ms Tatjana Vukadinović, the school principal said the school had regularly applied for the Secretariat’s calls for proposals. The building’s façade and windows need replacement, which is quite costly, since the building is under protection by the Provincial Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. This is the only grammar school in Novi Sad where instruction is provided in the Serbian and Hungarian language. In the meeting, the school representatives also pointed to having certain issued with the textbooks in the Hungarian language, but added they had good cooperation with the national council.

The building of primary School “Marija Trandafil” in Veternik is well arranged, with a range of subtle, not obtrusive details. A lot of creative work of children is displayed at the school, reflecting their activities. There is a pleasant, friendly and generally great working atmosphere. Since 2014, this school has participated in the international programme “Eco Schools” and is the first primary school in the territory of the AP Vojvodina to be awarded the programme’s green flag. The school employees strive to make the school a role model in the field of ecology and sustainable development. In addition, they also host the Interregional Festival of Puppeteer Groups, including the participation of children with special needs.

Primary School “Vuk Karadžić” in Novi Sad is located on a large plot of land and has a nice and spacious school gym. According to Ms Zorica Zeljković, the school principal, they lack some teaching staff to work with children with special needs, as well as children belonging to Roma national minority. She also added the school needed several investments to construct additional premises and attract more students. Considering the fact that these students strive to express themselves artistically, the school representatives were suggested to instruct the students to apply to ceremonial events that will take place at the hall of the Provincial Government. Video surveillance system has been installed at the school.

At the Secondary Technical School “Pavle Savić” in Novi Sad, different education programmes provided by this school were discussed, as well as the expert teaching staff. Ms Mila Kostić, the school principal, underlined that their education currently evolved around three areas. There is great interest in the following programmes of education: bakers, butchers and hair-dressers. Much is done to attract new students and programmes are constantly adjusted to the market requirements. The principal added that it was necessary to finalise the works on the school gym, which had been deteriorating for years, without a possibility of being used or adapted. Therefore, they have been instructed to look for support in the Secretariat’s current calls for proposals.

Grammar School “Laza Kostić” in Novi Sad is surrounded by a nicely arranged and maintained park, which adds to a relaxed atmosphere among the students. The school does not have a school gym, but its construction has been planned in the foreseeable future. It is expected that the funds for project preparation will be provided by the local self-government and province. For the time being, they are renting a place for gym, but it is not a long-term or adequate solution for the students. This is the only school with a theatre stage, where all theatre plays may be performed.

Primary School “Dušan Radović” in Novi Sad comprises three separate buildings, one of which recently constructed and fully corresponding to requirements of a modern education system, whereas the other two buildings are old and require constant investments. Therefore, the school representatives have been instructed to look for support in the Secretariat’s current calls for proposals. According to Ms Slavoljupka Mihajlović, the school principal, this school is attended by more than 450 pupils of Roma national minority, and a great difference in attitudes is noted among pupils of the same age.

Primary School "Jovan Popovic” building in Novi Sad is in good condition. According to the acting principal of the school - Katarina Kovačević - this small school does not have gym, and the school's computing research study room is poorly equipped. The above mentioned school will be a host of an International competition in Russian language this year, which is facilitated with assistance and in cooperation with NIS Company. It is specific, as an institution, due to its Russian language studies. Every school year, there is a possibility for sixth grade pupils to attend their classes in two languages - in Serbian language and in Russian or English language.

Novi Sad Primary School "Kosta Trifković” regularly applies for funding through all calls for proposals announced by local self-government and provincial secretariats. Their priority is the school's reconstruction, for due to the increase in number of children they are forced to enlarge their capacities. The school principal Milan Spasojević argues for every classroom to be equipped with smart boards. He also thinks that the teaching staff should have tablet PCs. The school has private security paid by the parents.

One of the priorities of Mileva Marić Ajnštajn Technical School in Novi Sad is a construction of a boarding - school. A design for the boarding - school has already been sent for consideration. In general, the building is in good condition, and it is necessary to modernise video surveillance system and computer equipment.

Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad covers the area of 10.000 m2 and it is in rather good condition. Number of enrolled children is significantly increasing every year. The school has been short-listed with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for implementation of E - diary project.

The building of Primary School "Dositej Obradovićˮ in Novi Sad also requires enlargement - even though it was adjusted and upgraded during 2011 and 2013. In general, the school is well equipped and tidy, thus the general impression is positive. Day care is very well organised. The school is engaged in many projects - at the city, provincial and national levels, while the cooperation with competent Secretariat is satisfactory.

Primary School "Svetozar Marković Toza” in Novi Sad is well equipped and tidy. The building is in good condition. Toilets are tidy and renovated. The school has well-furnished hall, kitchen and day care. Number of enrolled children is increasing every year. The school principal and staff are performing their obligations conscientiously and responsibly. The staff’s iinterpersonal relations are extremely good.

Primary School "Ivo Lola Ribarˮ in Novi Sad has been informed about the possibilities offered through the Secretariat's calls for proposals, since they need financial assistance for procurement of equipment. The school principal Saša Gajić has informed the Secretariat's representatives about the completed works and reparations, as well as about procurement of equipment for teaching (three smart boards, fast Internet, facade, floorings). Continuation of cooperation has been proposed.

The building of Primary School "Ivan Gundulićˮ in Novi Sad is neat and cosy, entirely adequate for full - day stay of its pupils. The school cherishes a sense of belonging to the part of the city the school is situated in; therefore it has been ornamented by pictures, photographs and art installations inspired by Almaška area. The school has participated in several projects, one of them being "Healthy Food” project, implemented in Čenej. It is an educational programme about healthy eating, where children are given an opportunity to be in direct contact with nature and food production, for fruit and vegetable are grown in the school's green house.

During the visit to "Isidora Sekulićˮ Grammar School in Novi Sad, the principal Ružica Vukobratović has particularly pointed out its cooperation with Russia. Owing to the school's good organisation and its cooperation with the embassy of Germany, every year the students have had an opportunity to take their exam in German language and thus acquire an international certificate. The Grammar School has been registered as a gallery, and in its depot, it has over 300 works of art. In 2015, it was awarded "Svetosavska nagrada” prize for its work and endeavours.

The Building of Primary School “Kárász Karolina” in Horgos is properly arranged. It is noticeable that employees attempt to maintain the old school building and to keep it pleasant for students. Schoolyard is prepared for replacement of old and dry vegetation, seedlings have already been provided and only favourable weather conditions are awaited for planting. Something very positive is the fact that Parents Council voted unanimously for donation in the amount of 100 RSD paid quarterly by students’ parents, which confirms they are aware of the importance of supporting the school. This is one of the ways to show that the school is not passive, when it comes to finding donors.

In Primary School “Veljko Vlahović” in Novi Sad, joinery has been replaced, so that energy efficiency is at an enviable level. Toilets are neat and clean, as is the entire facility where one may experience a pleasant atmosphere. Work discipline, method of organisation and management of the institution is at a high level, thanks to the school principle, Ms Ljubica Grubač. Interpersonal relationships at workplace are good. The school gym is being renovated, at the moment, while completion of works is expected in two to three months.

Primary School “Đura Jakšić” operates in three separated buildings. One building is completely renovated, central building is in a very poor condition, while the third building, for students of the first and second grade, faces the problem of an inadequate pedestrian crossing, where it is necessary to repaint the stripings. Construction works are underway in the central building. The school principle, Ms Verica Letić, with her associates, is trying to provide the best possible conditions for children and employees.

The building of Primary School “Laza Kostić” in Kovilj was built as far back as in 1971 and there have not been substantial investments in it, since then. However, due to a dedication of the principal and employees, the building is maintained at an appropriate level and all problems are solved in accordance with abilities, for the purpose of more pleasant and safer work of children and employees in this institution. The school principle, Ms Slavica Grlić is economical when it comes to her obligations and responsibilities. The building is neat and pleasant to be in. Work discipline is at a high level. Interpersonal relationships at workplace are good.

Primary School “Prva Vojvođanska Brigada” in Novi Sad is in excellent condition, bright, pleasant and well arranged, with a range of amenities intended for students. According to the school principal, Mr Oliver Stojanović, the school had prepared six projects for which they required funds. Also, the school plan includes application for funds at the call for proposals for investments, with the project regarding reconstruction of the school kitchen. The school principal pointed out that they also planned the school extension for which they were waiting construction permit, at that moment.

The building of Primary School “Miloš Crnjanski” in Novi Sad was extended in 2009, when the school got one smaller gym, library, two classrooms and a reception room, which is also used as a classroom. According to the school principal Ms Zdenka Ivković, in 2006, the school had joined the School Without Violence Programme. Also, she added that she was satisfied with the level of equipment in the school and that the school regularly followed the Secretariat’s calls for proposals.

The principal of Primary School “Branko Radičević” in Novi Sad, Mr Aleksandar Maletin praised the Secretariat’s initiative to pay visits to educational institutions. He stressed out that the school needs, at that moment, pertained to investment maintenance. According to him, the school safety is satisfactory, although there is no personal security at the school. Primary School “Branko Radičević” is one of two schools in Novi Sad with all-day classes and many people are interested in attending this particular school. The school secretary also pointed out that their students participated in several international exchange programmes.

Primary school "Majšanski put” building in Subotica is big and nicely decorated. During the previous period, windows were replaced in the central building, thus the school has become cosier both for the children and the employees. Ms Beáta Bognár, the principal, thanked the Provincial Secretariat for Education for the funds it has provided. Through the assistance, the school has been modernised and some deficiencies, which had hindered the regular teaching process, were removed. On the occasion, the principal also mentioned that they prepared conceptual designs for the gym's roof reparation, windows’ replacement in both buildings, gas boiler replacement, attic insulation, reconstruction of the sports training ground, fence reparation and the inner door replacement.

"Bosa Milićević”, Secondary School of Economics in Subotica is situated in an old edifice and it is well preserved. The school's interior is decorated in such a way that it resembles a hotel, whilst the students are dressed as a hotel staff. During the working meeting, they spoke about implementation of dual education in the school, as well as the fact that some new educational profiles have been launched from this school, such as bank clerk and financial administrator. According to the principal, Imre Zombori, their goal is to get involved in catering and to restore students’ cafeteria. The principle mentioned that one of the problems the school has been facing was lack of gym and the fact that the building was owned by the Jewish community, and therefore they could not participate in some of the calls for proposals.

Building of primary school "Bosa Milićević” in Novi Žednik is big and neat. There is also plenty of space for extracurricular activities within the school building, as well as in the modern gym. Since there is a small number of pupils in the school, the large unused space is a problem they face. For the purpose of saving fuel oil and reducing the school's costs, it is necessary to replace the windows, and it is necessary to improve the Internet signal so it becomes functional in all classrooms.

Even though the building of the Secondary Technical School in Ada is old and dilapidated, it is big and neat. Within the school, there are also facilities with the well-equipped workshops. Hilda Gilice, the principal, informed our secretariat's delegation - headed by Mihály Nyilas, the Provincial Secretary for Education - about the completed works and the building's reparations. On the occasion, they spoke about the plans for building a dorm - the school had already developed conceptual designs for - and about the necessity to construct it since 70% students travel to the school. By means of building the dorm and making it functional, exchange of students from the Republic of Hungary would be enabled (within the cross - border cooperation programme). The principal also stressed that the school had very good cooperation with various companies and that it facilitated adult education and provided excellent conditions for its attendees. Among the problems they were facing, she mentioned lack of professional staff in the area of mechanical engineering. At the end of the meeting, Mihály Nyilas, the Provincial Secretary for Education, pointed out the importance of the forthcoming calls for proposals, and further cooperation, and offered assistance in resolving current school's problems.

The Primary School for Music Education “Béla Bartók” in Ada is very neat, but rather small. Therefore, the plan is to relocate it to the central building, after the completion of construction works and adaptation of the Primary School “Cseh Károly”, also in Ada. Among other things, Annamária Basc, the principal of the Primary School, also pointed out a lack of qualified staff as a problem. She offered a solution which included establishing of educational centre for retraining of the staff. The Provincial Secretary for Education, Mihály Nyilas said that the Secretariat would support this idea, as well as organisation of professional seminars, regarding work of all schools of music in AP Vojvodina.

At the same time, this magnificent and large school building of the Primary School “Cseh Károly” is also a cultural monument in Ada. The principal of the Primary School, Eva Makso informed the delegation of the Provincial Secretariat for Education, headed by Secretary Nyilas, about works carried out on the building, as well as about repair works. On that occasion, they agreed that the school still followed calls for proposals of the said Secretariat.

The building of the Primary School “Novak Radonić” in Mol is large and spacious enough for extracurricular activities. Funds received from the Provincial Secretariat are spent for adaptation of the building. The school management is progressive and strive for innovations, for the purpose of improvement of the process of education. The Provincial Secretary for Education, Mihály Nyilas offered to the School principal, Snežana Došić, a support by the Secretariat, in the sense of financing travel expenses of students participating in competitions and student exchange with twin schools from Hungary.